china statement

statement on deep sleep pillow spray

There has been a small number of customer complaints in China regarding a white powdery substance on the inner pump of the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray like the picture shown. We would like to reassure customers that this has been caused during the manufacturing process, as to prevent leakage the pump is machine applied and some may have been over tightened which can create small marks on the outside of the pump and leave a white residue of the Polypropylene pump material. This can give the appearance of a white powdery substance.

Please be reassured that this material is non-toxic and can easily be wiped away and does not in any way affect the integrity or function of the product itself.

All our products are manufactured under ISO22716 GMP EU standards and going forward the application of the pump will be adjusted to ensure no further marking is caused via the assembly process.

If you require any further information, please contact our customer service team



近期有小部分消费者在中国电商平台投诉表示This Works 深度睡眠睡眠喷雾的喷头周围有白色粉末状物体。我们从品牌角度出发希望向客户保证此问题是因生产过程而导致的。为防止产品泄露,所有喷头均由机器组装完成。其中一些产品可能因过度密封而导致聚丙烯喷头材料摩擦,因而在喷头周围出现微小白色残余,看似白色粉末状物体