Are you the type of person who relies on your morning coffee to provide the get-up-and-go you need to take on the day? You may settle into bed feeling exhausted and drift off easily, only to find you’re awake shortly after you've fallen asleep, tossing and turning or waking up early feeling like you barely slept. Restless sleep can be a tough cycle to overcome and using a product that helps regulate your natural body clock (or Circadian Rhythm) could be just what you need to take steps to improve those dreaded wakeful nights. At This Works, we formulated our sleep plus pillow spray for people like you. Award-winning and scientifically proven to work, this spray boasts an innovative encapsulated functional fragrance that has been scientifically proven to work under independent and clinical studies and fMRI brain imaging. Discover more about the science behind our sleep aids and the studies we’ve carried out to bring you this bestselling sleep solution below. 

harnessing your nose-brain connection
Our award-winning, bestselling sleep aid, sleep plus pillow spray, is formulated with a natural, aromatherapeutic and encapsulated Superblend of Lavender, Camomile and Vetivert. Each of these essential oils is renowned for its calming properties, but when blended together, they create the powerful fragrance that helped 94% of users enjoy improved sleep quality.* How is sleep plus different to deep sleep? A stronger concentration of our functional fragrance has been encapsulated in sleep plus, and the formula is motion-activated to release powerful bursts throughout the night, resulting in a longer and less interrupted night’s sleep. Aside from smelling luxuriously inviting, our Deep Sleep functional fragrance activated areas of the brain associated with emotions, pleasure and calmness when tested in an fMRI study on 30 people in 2017, which concluded that the fragrance has the potential to encourage a pre-disposition towards sleep.1 So, each time you spritz this on your pillow, linens and pyjamas, you’re using a scientifically proven formula to pave the way for a peaceful night.
a remedy for restless sleep
We carried out studies on 100 male and female users who experienced self-diagnosed irregular sleep patterns and had not used any sleep-related prescription medication (for 6-12 months), to assess how the encapsulation system in our sleep plus pillow spray helped keep people asleep (specifically in REM sleep – more on that later!) in comparison to a placebo product. 94% of sleep plus pillow spray users said they had less-disturbed sleep and their sleep quality improved, 91% felt less tired during the day and 85% felt less anxious trying to get to sleep.* This study proves that an overwhelming amount of people had a better night’s sleep when using sleep plus, meaning that by simply spritzing your pillow, linens and pyjamas each night, you can create a routine that really works for the type of sleeper you are.
*In a seven-day user study of 100 subjects (aged 18+) with self-diagnosed sleep issues compared to a placebo.
the importance of REM sleep
We mentioned REM sleep earlier, but you may be wondering what that means. There are two stages of sleep: a period of quiet sleep with reduced brain activity, where breathing is regular and slow, without movements (that’s non-REM sleep - NREMS), and REM sleep (or rapid eye movement sleep) where dreams occur. During the REM stage of sleep, brain activity is similar to that during wakefulness, when our breathing becomes irregular. This sleep phase is fundamental to our wellbeing as we process emotions, consolidate memories and prepare to wake up well during this time. REM sleep occurs in the last half of your 90-minute sleep cycle and increases throughout the night, accounting for 25% of your total sleep time. If you’re experiencing restless sleep, you may not be spending adequate time in REM sleep, which studies have shown can result in less emotional memory processing and, in turn, poor mental health.
We conducted a Polysomnography (PSG) study which records brain waves, the oxygen level in the blood, heart rate and breathing, as well as eye and leg movements on 28 participants to test the effectiveness of sleep plus pillow spray. Studies showed that using the spray had a significant impact on sleep, in particular REM sleep. Total sleep time, sleep efficiency and duration of deep sleep all increased, while there was a decrease in the time it took to fall asleep, fewer changes of position during the first two hours and less sleep fragmentation – all reflecting a quieter, more peaceful sleep.*
*A single-blind study of 28 subjects where sleep was monitored using Polysomnography over a two-week period
If you’re ready to take steps toward a more restorative and less disturbed night, creating a nightly ritual that includes using sleep plus pillow spray could be the solution you need. Discover more from our sleep plus range here.