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stress, meet your match

Meet your ultimate toolkit to help tackle the stresses of modern life.

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The Importance of Proactively Tackling Stress

In a world which can be challenging, frightening, overwhelming, complex, and seriously hard to navigate, it’s not surprising that sometimes we don't feel ok.

our top five products to bring some balance

Stress can strike at any time and for a whole host of different reasons: poor sleep, a busy work or home life, or the not-to-be-mentioned ‘C-word’ and the effects of an ongoing global pandemic.

A day in the life on Dr Anna Persaud

Our new Stress Check™ range is the result of our very personal experience of 2020 and the challenges it threw our way – I now can’t imagine a day without it.

stress, meet your match

Meet your ultimate toolkit to help tackle the stresses of modern life.

looking for balance?

Can’t find our much-coveted Hemp-derived skin, bath and bodycare products? Due to some of our existing partnerships, we’re unable to list them on thisworks.com. So, instead, we created a dedicated space for you to learn, shop and discover all your plant-powered favourites.

sleep and your skin

We know from scientific research - and our work with expert dermatologists and sleep specialists - that there is a strong, calculable link between disturbed sleep and intrinsic skin ageing.

my wrinkles are my story

At This Works, we’re not anti-ageing. For us, every wrinkle tells a story - every line an experience or an expression. We choose instead to take a more positive approach to skin ageing.

about our Superblends

Our Superblends include active ingredients that are scientifically proven to work and derived from nature. We don’t use ingredients because they’re ‘on trend’, we use them because their benefits are well documented.

proven to work