It is often said that a good night’s sleep is the best antidote to many of life’s changes and challenges – break-ups, childcare shake-ups, unnecessarily early wake-ups and then some. Just sleep on it, they say, and it will all be right by morning...

As the experts in sleep and with over nine million of our award-winning pillow sprays sold, we know that sleep really is one of nature’s greatest problem-solvers. Getting quality sleep, specifically REM sleep, is fundamental to our wellbeing, as we process emotions, consolidate memories and prepare to wake up well. A great night’s sleep benefits everything from our mood management, clarity of mind and resilience, to muscle repair, energy levels and skin health. So, whilst at This Works we can’t solve all your problems, we can provide the tools to help you face life’s challenges with products that are rigorously tested in clinical and independent studies, trialled by our This Works panel and assessed under fMRI brain imaging.

the ultimate beauty sleep
Our Deep Sleep Overnight collection has been formulated to optimise your overnight skin renewal, boasting our 100% natural Deep Sleep functional fragrance of Lavender, Camomile and Vetivert. Each of these essential oils is renowned for its calming properties, but when blended, they create the powerful fragrance that helped 97% of users in our clinical study sleep better. Aside from smelling luxuriously inviting, our Deep Sleep functional fragrance activated areas of the brain associated with emotions, pleasure and calmness when tested in an fMRI study on 30 people in 2017, which concluded that the fragrance has the potential to encourage a pre-disposition towards sleep.1 So, each time you use a product from our Deep Sleep Overnight collection, you’re not only helping your skin, but also using a scientifically proven formula to pave the way for a peaceful night’s sleep.
deep sleep overnight cream
Blended with Copper PCA, Ceramides and Persian Silk Tree Extract to help fight signs of fatigue and support skin renewal, microbiome-friendly natural sugar complex to care for the skin overnight, and our Deep Sleep functional fragrance, this cream is a beauty-sleep essential. Tested on a panel of 78 users and in a clinical trial over 28 days to ensure the effects of both the skin-repairing and sleep-promoting ingredients, results showed that 86% of users said their skin felt hydrated, 81% said their skin felt nourished, and 78% said their skin felt smoother upon waking.* The clinical study concluded that this cream was proven to reduce wrinkle volume, increase skin elasticity and skin moisturisation, and the improve skin's barrier – all of while you sleep soundly.**
* In a panel of 78 subjects over a 28 day period
**In a open, intra-individual study of 20 participants over 28 days
deep sleep overnight cleanser
We are faced with more environmental aggressors today than ever before and it’s essential to cleanse skin of pollutants, toxins and dirt before sleep. Our deep sleep overnight cleanser with Copper PCA for a calming blue hue is a no-rinse formula that works hard while you sleep. Oat Amino Acids gently buff and smooth the skin to remove impurities, helping the skin absorb active ingredients to feel calm, clear and deeply cleansed. Tested in a panel of 76 users over a 28-day period, 76% of users agreed their skin felt more nourished and soothed, 78% said their skin felt smoother upon waking, and 74% said their skin felt less stressed.* A further clinical study on 21 participants over a 28-day period confirmed this cleanser is clinically proven to reduce wrinkle volume and redness while increasing skin elasticity and moisturisation and improving skin barrier.** We also dermatologically tested this product to prove it’s suitable for sensitive skin.
*In a panel of 76 subjects over a 28 day period
**In a open, intra-individual study of 21 participants over 28 days
deep sleep body whip
A luxurious last step in your evening routine, this rich, buttery cream with youth-boosting Bakuchiol and Hemp Seed Extract helps support the skin’s natural microbiome. Our Deep Sleep fragrance, combined with Magnesium, helps improve sleep quality for a more restful night. The This Works panel loved this product, and a study of 80 people over a 28-day period showed 91% felt their skin felt smoother and more nourished upon waking, while 88% liked the appearance of their skin after using the product. Moreover, 85% felt more relaxed before sleep, making this the ultimate dream cream.*
*In a panel of 80 subjects over a 28 day period
The perfect way to wind down at the end of your busy day, discover more about our Deep Sleep Overnight collection and learn how you can help aid your skin’s repair and enjoy a more restorative night’s sleep here.