There are many benefits to your mood that stimulating your senses can bring, to centre yourself in the present and create mindful moments throughout your day. As any aromatherapist will tell you, scent is a simple (and scientifically proven) way to engage in this and alter your mood in the process for generally improved wellbeing. This is down to our limbic system, where our perception of scent is processed, along with our feelings, mood and memories too - it’s why certain scents are so nostalgic for us or evocative of a certain time in our lives - and it’s why they can help boost our mood. Essential oils containing functional fragrances are the perfect way to introduce this into your everyday routines, and it’s these natural oils that are at the centre of each of our Superblends. Here, we explore the ways in which different senses can be activated by our various products and their carefully chosen aromas.


As we have explained, research shows that positive emotions can be elicited by certain fragrances and some have been proven to lower stress levels and improve overall mental outlook. Our brand-new product innovation, perfect legs body butter, is a great example of this. Introduce it to your morning or evening routine for a mindful moment and allow the Frankincense fragrance to lift your mood and relax your senses while the deeply nourishing Shea Butter and hydrating Hyaluronic Acid moisturise your skin.


The simple act of touch is known to boost oxytocin (or ‘love’ or ‘happy’ hormone), so indulging in some light massage - on your own or with a partner - is a great way to improve your mood and reconnect. Our sumptuous skin deep dry leg oil is the ultimate tool for pairing this with and its luxurious blend of 19 botanical oils including Tuberose, Rose oil and Sandalwood combine for a 100% natural fragrance that will uplift while doing so.


ASMR is a popular tool for those coping with anxiety disorders or general everyday stress. Create your own in the comfort of your home with some of our more tactile products such as perfect legs 100% natural scrub. Take time to enjoy applying this biodegradable polish in peace and quiet and allow the sound of the application, buffing and gentle exfoliation soothe your mind (and your skin).