Balmy evenings, the smell of BBQ in the air and the gentle tinkle of the ice cream van: is there anything better than the first signs of summer? But as temperatures creep up and sunrays get stronger, looking after your skin becomes all the more essential. Enter: perfect legs body butter. Enriched with Hemp Seed Extract, Shea Butter and Hyaluronic Acid, this deeply moisturising body cream is formulated to uplift, hydrate and protect your skin’s microbiome (the millions of good bacteria that protect and nourish our skin), making it a must-have addition to your routine.

the key ingredients

Not only is our perfect legs body butter 98% natural and vegan, but it's packed with intensely-moisturising ingredients and essential oils to boost your mood and your skin. When it comes to keeping moisture locked in, Hyaluronic acid is the number one ingredient, whilst nourishing Shea Butter gives skin a luxuriously-soft feel alongside its gentle anti-inflammatory properties. Hemp Seed Extract supports and strengthens the skin’s microbiome and Sweet Orange. essential oils have antioxidant and uplifting effects, which means this moisturiser leaves your skin feeling super silky and keeps it well-protected too. 
what is 'rewilding' your skin?
With the increased use of astringent skincare products, extreme weather conditions and man-made aggressors comes a rise in sensitive skin and a trend for back-to-basics skincare, otherwise known as ‘rewilding’. Coined by green-fingered conservationists but adopted by skincare experts, rewilding involves eliminating the use of harsh chemicals and over-washing to foster the skin’s natural microbiota and balance. Counteracting the at-home overuse of active clinic-grade products, this process ditches skin-stripping retinol and acids that can remove the skin’s good stuff, and swaps them for natural ingredients like hemp, which feeds the skin’s ecosystem and allows it to flourish. Using products like perfect legs body butter aids this process and promotes the recovery of the skin’s microbiota through its active, nourishing ingredients.
a stong exterior
Our skin has a lot to contend with day-to-day. From harsh weather and sun exposure to pollution and germs, there are many outside factors that contribute to skin concerns like dehydration, dryness, inflammation and sensitivity. This is why it’s super important to aid your skin in protecting its outmost layers with products that promote intense hydration and harmonise the skin’s natural defences. Thanks to ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and Shea Butter, you can expect perfect legs body butter to deeply moisturise whilst replenishing and protecting the skin all over your body.