Over the past 18 months, our lives have been disrupted in ways we could never have imagined, from our schedules and work to our mood and sleep, disrupting our circadian rhythm for far too long. When we don’t sleep well, our natural circadian rhythm is impacted, which can lead to a cycle of poor sleep that is hard to break.

Our new Sleep Plus collection is a natural, entirely vegan range, designed for restless sleepers to help restore your circadian rhythm. It is optimised with a Superblend of Lavender, Camomile and Vetivert essential oils and powerful co- actives.

Why is sleep important?

Sleep is essential for our mental and physical wellbeing, and when we are not getting enough good quality sleep, it puts us out of balance, making it difficult to feel like ourselves.

There are two key stages to sleep: NREMS (deep sleep) and REMS (Rapid Eye Movement Sleep), which are repeated throughout the night in a cycle.

As we begin to fall asleep and transition into deep restorative sleep, we enter into the non-REM sleep stage with reduced brain activity, slow breathing and without much movement. This is essential for cellular restoration, repair, energy replenishment, tissue rejuvenation and brain waste clearance.

Slowly, we transition into REM sleep. Our breathing becomes irregular, our heart rate increases, our brain becomes active and vivid, emotional dreams occur. REM impacts the functioning of a brain area involved in managing emotional reactions and impulse control. It is associated with a decrease of activity of a brain area linked to anxiety, stress and fear. REM is also essential for processing, maintenance, and repair of information and has been shown to have an important role in memory consolidation.

can't stay asleep?

Our new and improved sleep plus pillow spray was developed to help restore normal sleep patterns, helping you stay asleep for longer and enjoy a less disrupted night’s sleep as it helps promote REM sleep. It has been reformulated with a higher concentration of our award-winning Superblend, now encapsulated in a motion-activated release, vegan format, whilst remaining 99% natural. The packaging has also been redesigned as a premium, recyclable glass bottle.
Sleep plus pillow spray comes in four sizes: 10ml; 30ml; 50ml; and 100ml to enable you to tailor your sleep solutions around your life from the travel bag to your nightstand.

94% felt they had a less disturbed sleep*

*In a 7 day user study of 100 subjects (aged 18+) with self-diagnosed sleep issues compared to a placebo.

Alongside this, we are also launching three exciting new bodycare products: sleep plus massage relief, sleep plus dream body and sleep plus bath oil. The range blends powerful co-actives proven to support nighttime relaxation and sleep quality.