Summer is the best! Right? While we love long days in the paddling pool, midweek BBQs and leaving the house without a coat, the warmer temperatures, lighter evenings, and summer travels can cause issues for the whole household when it comes to quality sleep. And let’s be honest; when neither you nor the kids are sleeping well, that summer-holiday feeling can fade quicker than the sunshine emoji on your weather app. Thankfully, our sleep-inducing Superblends were formulated for restless sleepers, those who have trouble dozing off and kiddies who struggle to settle.

Our circadian rhythm (or 24-hr master body clock) regulates physiological processes with different functions being triggered at various times of the day. Night-time is when our body goes into restore & repair mode, which is why quality sleep is essential to not only the appearance of our skin but most importantly, our mental wellbeing and physical output each day. With a diary packed full of weddings, festivals, playdates, parties and more, getting that much-needed shut-eye is a simple way to enhance your summer experience for all the family.

Our deep sleep and baby sleep collections are curated so that simple solutions can be incorporated easily into your evening routine, helping you wind down, calm the mind and body, and slip peacefully into a restorative slumber. Discover which work best for you below.

swap screens for candlelight

Limiting screentime doesn’t just apply to the kids. Blue light has a negative effect on sleep, meaning endless scrolling and late-night Netflix marathons make it harder to switch off. Swap it for gentle candlelight by burning the hand-blended deep sleep heavenly candle, letting its therapeutic fragrance soothe you before bedtime.

wish them sweet dreams

Children tend to thrive off routine, but light evenings and later bedtimes can throw them off. Bring back a sense of calm with the baby sleep bedtime ritual, a complete set of bath and body products designed to create a serene environment from bath to nappy changes and snuggling into bed. Finish the evening with a spritz of the baby sleep pillow spray on your little’s sheets and watch them fall into a peaceful slumber as they inhale the Baby Sleep Superblend of Lavender, Camomile and Lemon Balm Extract.

wash off daily stressors

Your pre-sleep routine can begin in the shower. Wash away the stresses of the day with our sulphate-free body wash; deep sleep shower gel. Lather into the skin and release a functional fragrance of Lavender, Camomile and Vetivert to soften the skin, soothe the mind and promote a restorative night’s sleep.

wrap yourself in peaceful sleep

Post shower or bath, the soothing, softening deep sleep body cocoon cream will not only work wonders for your skin but for your sleep too. Our unique blend of Shea Butter, Crambe, Camelia and Sativa oils will nourish and support the skin's barrier while the deep sleep fragrance supports a restful slumber. Massage into skin, slip into your favourite pyjamas and exhale.

spritz your sleep saviour

Our bestselling deep sleep pillow spray is scientifically proven to help you fall asleep faster and 98% of users said they woke feeling more refreshed - exactly what the Dr ordered for busy summer days with the family. If staying asleep is something you struggle with, sleep plus pillow spray offers a potent blend of motion-activated encapsulated essential oils, designed specifically for restless sleepers. As you move, the gradual release of the Lavender, Camomile and Vetivert aroma results in a longer, more settled night. What's not to love about that?