If you are trying to find the ultimate beauty secret, you may be surprised to hear you won't find it in a bottle. While having a skincare routine that includes products that aid skin repair and cell renewal is optimal, the single most important thing you can do to care for your skin health overnight is to get a good night’s sleep.

We spoke with world-renowned, award-winning Medical & Cosmetic Doctor, Dr Ewoma, to talk about why sleep is so important and how you can help aid the natural nighttime repair process with ingredients that work their hardest during those precious hours.

What happens to the skin at night, and why is it the right time to work on your skin?

“Sleep is the ultimate beauty secret!” says Dr Ewoma. “Whilst we sleep, the level of a hormone called Melatonin peaks. Melatonin triggers skin cell repair and the removal of harmful toxins, so it is important to give your skin the support it needs overnight.”
An effective way to promote better sleep is with your evening wind-down routine. Using products that include calming essential oils (like our deep sleep pillow spray) can not only help signal to the brain that it is time to sleep, but help you fall asleep faster, experience less night-waking (which means even more time for skin repair!) and feel more rested come morning.


Dr Ewoma comments “Your evening routine is a chance to target skin concerns with efficacious products and ingredients that work as a powerful way to de-stress, treat and replenish the skin overnight – so that you wake to skin (and a mind) that looks and feels rested and renewed."



What top three skincare ingredients do you recommend using at night?

1. “Copper PCA is a powerhouse ingredient for nightly use. It works to mop up a broad range of skin-damaging free radicals and supports a healthy skin microbiome. The new This Works Deep Sleep overnight range harnesses the power of Copper PCA to balance the skin and promote natural skin renewal and hydration whilst you sleep.” says Dr Ewoma.
2. “Another favourite of mine is Ceramides. They strengthen the skin barrier whilst you sleep, which provides instant deep moisturisation and helps the skin become more resilient.”


3. Aside from active ingredients, Dr Ewoma looks for a soothing fragrance that promotes healthier sleep. “The power of fragrance can be overlooked in skincare,” she continues, “but it is so important – especially as part of an evening routine, as this is when you need to de-stress and unwind. I love This Works’ 100% natural Deep Sleep fragrance because it is proven through fMRI brain imaging studies to encourage relaxation and calm the mind before bed.”
All ingredients come together in our deep sleep overnight cream, which has a calming blue hue and is clinically proven to increase skin hydration and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles – and it’s Dr Ewoma approved. “I love this cream!” she says.

What effects do stress and lack of sleep have on the skin?

“Beauty Sleep is real!” Exclaims Dr Ewoma, “Studies indicate that sleep deprivation impairs skin barrier function, which is vital for keeping moisture in the skin and protecting us from allergy, pollution, infection and other external aggressors.”
It is not only the skin’s barrier that can suffer due to poor sleep. “Accelerated ageing - evidenced by uneven pigmentation, fine wrinkling, and skin laxity - has also been seen in those who have poor quality sleep.” And let’s not forget the effects it has on hydration. “Your body re-balances and recovers extra moisture while you are sleeping. This makes sleep a natural moisturiser that can help smooth out wrinkles on the skin.”
Whilst the physical effects of poor sleep may be obvious, it can make a profound difference internally, too. “Lack of sleep leads to increased secretion of stress hormones such as cortisol which induces secretion of the neuropeptide Substance P. Both play a substantial role in acne development.”
So, there you have it. Beauty sleep is not just a phrase, it is essential to ensuring your mind, body and of course, skin, function at its best. Help your skin get the nighttime nourishment it needs with our new Deep Sleep Overnight range.